Your company is special for you; your healthcare is special for us.

  • This plan covers you in several circumstances, such as: medicines, the loss of your job, dental plan and through the refund scheme only cover pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics. This plan is flexible to adjust to your company’s needs.
  • More than 27.000 qualified doctors and more than 500 medical centers ready for any emergency and with all the treatments, therapies, and procedures included.
  • The best technology for diagnoses and medical procedures, with a cozy intimate accommodation in a single room with space only for a companion.
  • Cover in the USA through the United Health Care.
  • Family planning, psychology, 24-hours respond, phone service and emergency, laser eye surgery, etc.
  • Discount of 40% for premiums individually contracted.
  • Spouse and children included.
  • An assigned personal to care of the policy’s administration.
  • After the first year using this service, the cost of the policy will be increased only because of the IPC.
  • Protection provided to the policyholder in the case of incapacity of the loss of his job.
  • You get to pick who your doctor in the HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN will be.
  • If the policyholder is the business itself, these options could be included in the basic cover. In this way we take care of your whole company too.