It covers a lot of services like:

  • Medical, surgical, therapeutic and diagnosis specialties.
  • The intimacy of a private hospital or clinic room with accommodation for a companion.
  • High-tech: The best equipments with the most updated technology in tumor detections and accuracy in diagnosis.
  • Coronary angiography: Now arteries tests don’t have any necessity at all of being invasive and dangerous, our machinery is conceived to look deep inside without actually being inside.
  • Laser ORL: is one of the safest technologies in surgeries and grants a faster recovery.
  • Breast reconstruction: a quick reconstruction of the breast after a partial or a complete removal of it; that makes sure a faster recovery of it, and with the post-surgical treatment and care, it won’t have a bad look at all.
  • Medical travel assurance for emergencies: working hand-in-hand with the Europ assistance, it cover an amount of 10.000 € per person, prevention, planning programs, maternity, qualified pediatrics, Psychology treatments, Aesthetic solutions, etc.
  • Your payments are always protected: if the policyholder becomes somehow incapacitated , HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN assures you a premium cover for up to 6 months.

  • 30% discount when you contract our services, and without family members inclusion limits.
  • Tax aid for up to 500 € per person yearly.
  • The incapacity policy is granted by the Genworth Financial Insurance, a company of insurance and reinsurance.
  • The pharmacy cover guarantees the refund of your medicines and HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN’S doctors prescribed recipes.
  • This benefit applies also to your spouse and children.
  • The temporary incapacity cover allows you to receive when you are suspended from work due to an illness a support payment that has two option to choose: 25 € daily, with a premium monthly additional of 15 € or 65 € daily with a premium monthly additional of 35 €. You can also take an extra dental cover, with access to a lot of dental procedures included.