HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN fully understands that pregnancy is a life changing moment for a woman, so, we take care of it since the very first beginning, in order that you are always safe and your baby grows healthy and without any kind of inconvenient. These special cares are provided through childbirth management sessions that serve as training for the labor moment.

We prepare the future mom for the physical changes that comes along with the pregnancy so symptoms can be minimized as much as possible. Also, we are with the mom when she gives birth and in the first days of the newborn.

With HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN network, you, the beautiful mom-to-be, will enjoy the best care. Put your trust in the hands of our specialists in the matter.

What does it include?

  • 8 ante natal classes in which you’ll learn everything about the entire process and advancing of the pregnancy, the baby’s growth, the labor moment, the needed cares after the birth and talks about the life with the new baby.
  • 7 practical classes during the pregnancy process in which you’ll learn breathing exercises, postures, Pilates and how to strengthen your pelvic floor for the great day.

How are these sessions arranged for the future mom?

These 15 classes are arranged in order to be 8 sessions that are divided between theory and practice and are divided into trimesters so it fits with the ending of the pregnancy time. This 8 sessions are divided this way:

  • 2 sessions that are focused on the 1st trimester.
  • 3 sessions that are focused on the 2nd trimester and
  • 3 sessions that are accomplished with the concerns that come along with the final trimester.
These sessions are developed within a small amount of people, and these are no longer than 90 minutes. In the classes you get a special extra care for a minimum price like Physiotherapy, Pilates and the Pelvic floor exercise program and also about massages that will be helpful for you and the baby. You can start the sessions at any time of the pregnancy, but all of them are really important and encouraging; so it would be better to start arranging to be in these classes almost immediately after knowing about the pregnancy condition, so you fully enjoy of its benefits and the careful preparation our trainers will give to you.

Practical sessions.

The different exercises that are taught in these sessions help to prepare your body so it can physically adapt and manage the challenges that pregnancy brings with all of its changes both inside and out; in this way your body will get more flexibility and resistance to endure. They also help you to be more relaxed when facing critical conditions (specially the labor part of the labor time) through breathing exercises and so much more.

Professional Discussions

These conversations are really important because they contain important information about several topics such as:

  • The progressive development of the baby and his or her experiences along the passing of the months.
  • The changes that happen along the pregnancy and their consequence so you get to know how to deal with them in order to be prepared for the symptoms.
  • Health advices about a proper diet, posture, hygiene, and well-chosen exercises to do according to your needs and particular conditions (in the case that there’s an existent condition).
  • Some important issues about sex during pregnancy (myths and realities) traveling, a baby’s care, massages for the newborn and the possibility of keeping the umbilical cord stem cells.
  • Emotional counseling
  • The importance of breastfeeding in the firsts months of the baby’s life and the care of the mom’s breast.
  • The labor itself: when it’s time to go to the hospital, positions that will make it easier and less painful and what would you need to have for that moment.

Pilates for pregnant moms.

It is a very healthy exercise recommended for future moms since it is not really intense and of a low impact. It helps to stretch the muscles without restraining them; it progressively adapts the body to the constant changes happening. Our covering includes the best Pilates instructors for you.

Other therapies that can be good for you.

There are other alternatives to keep a good physical health during the pregnancy, as are the described below:

  • Lymphatic drainage and massage: It helps to reduce water retention in the body, minimizing the pain in articulations, legs and kness, it helps to relaxed the rest of the body as well. It helps blood circulation to be normal and effective and it’s necessary to do it once a week minimum along with regular walking.
  • Treatment for back pains: one of the major concerns and complaints during pregnancy is the back pain, probably because of the increasing weight upon it that a pregnancy has. So for that, stretching exercises are good, and when more regular, then better.
  • Prevention of sciatica: with the expanding of the uterus and pelvis, the spinal nerves located in the lower back and that are responsible of feeding the sciatic nerve may get compressed and result in a terrible back pain. This is something that happens quite often, but that is also something that could be prevented on time.
  • Preventing treatments for aesthetic issues during pregnancy: Due to the physical and hormonal changes that a woman experiences there might be things that can make her feel worried, for example, the normal weight increasing and a hyper pigmentation of the skin, among others. Some of these concers are:

-Cellulite: Since the body tries to provide more fat for the baby, this same fat sometimes deposits itself in the wrong places and gets more noticeable. But with lympathic massage, good exercising and a balanced diet that can be treated.
-Stretch Marks: When de elastic fibers of the skin breaks (maybe due to the increasing or loosing of someone’s’ weight) then there are scarred tissue that gets visible and is really anti esthetic for their grade of visibility and because they’re really hard to remove, so it is easier to prevent with creams and oils specially conceived for that.
-Varicose veins: In the last part of the pregnancy, changes in the draining veins and the weight of the body with a lack of exercises, bad postures and other factors may lead to a bad blood circulation and the consequent distension of the veins, making them visible in several colors according to their gravity and causing pain. So there are several massages and therapies for blood circulation really useful to cope with them that our specialists can give to you.

What is more important in all of this, prevention is a big deal in deal, because it can make the difference between a happy easy pregnancy and one with physical issues that can be avoided by putting your future as a new mom in the hands of our experts on time.