This plan guarantees:

  • To keep your doctor whether if he or she are or not in the HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN doctor’s system.
  • Opcional policy with or without co-payment.
  • Includes Dental cover and a maximum refund of 200 € for the treatment required.
  • Always with you.

The following benefits intend to give you the best care possible, an unique and exclusive one:

  • Discount for families: A really flexible policy that allows a 10% discount for 4-member families, and 15% for even bigger families.
  • You decide who your doctor will be: with HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN + 90, you choose the doctor you feel more comfortable with, no matter if he or she is part of the network or not.
  • Tranquility: Whatever your decision might be, be sure that you will get the best medical attention and care.
  • Co-payments: If you want to add it or not to your membership, that is just up to you, so your policy are perfectly adaptable to the choices you want.