This plan gives the best medical support and it’s not expensive. You won’t find any other plan like this one.

Primero’s cover makes sure that outpatients have more for less, that’s why it includes not only the consultations, but also the Diagnosis and needed therapies. Minor Surgeries thar doesn’t need hospitalization are included with option that reach a 44%.

If, otherwise, Hospitalization is needed for a surgery (emergencies don’t apply in this case), it would be necessary to know the kind of sevice required and pay for it prior to the admission into the hospital.

According to the kind of service that a patient may need, prices of them are divided into 3 Levels:

  • 1: Hospitalizations without a surgery: 1000 €
  • 2: Surgeries like a caesarian birth: 2000 €
  • 3: Major surgeries like brain or heart ones: 3000 €.

If, at the same time there will be an extra medical intervention, charge will be made for a most critical surgery.