This plan offers you a total access to HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN’ center’s network or any other with an extra of a complete dental and pharmaceutical cover.

This is a refund policy that has the amplest covering, making it the best of its class when talking about medical plans in the planet. Whenever you like, meaning, ANYTIME YOU WANT, you can make use of the benefits that HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN offers you in its network. This reimbursement includes 90% of the hospital bills, to include clinics and doctors there must be a yearly co-payment.

Among the great things you’ll enjoy by contracting this plan, there are:

  • Full access to all odontologists and dental centers in the world: there are 46 services that are included in the basic cover with a 40% discount, but not only that, the treatment you’ll receive will have a refund of 400 €.
  • Also, a very good pharmaceutical cover: 50% of the cost of the of the necessary medication you buy will be given back to you, until an amount per person of 300 € a year.
  • There is also an option of a 100 €’s daily subsidy for the concept of hospitalization. This, for example, can be used by the permanent visitor, so it is easier for him or her in the matter of transportation and food when using a hostital that is not in the network.
  • This policy is without co-payments and there is also a discount acocording to the people covered (5% for over 4 people in the insurance. The discount will be 4 % if is made a single payment in the entire year, and 2 % if the payment is made biannually.