Being a member of HEATHINSURANCESPAIN will give you lots of benefits in the Dental matter, since you can choose whatever dentist you want within our network.

To access, you just need to show at the reception your membership card. Then your doctor, will talk with you about the treatments needed according to your needs, the costs and discounts available for it. There is a wide range of treatments with discounts up to 40% without any time of annoying waiting.



It covers a lot of services like:
  • Medical, surgical, therapeutic and diagnosis specialties.
  • The intimacy of a private hospital or clinic room with accommodation for a companion.
  • High-tech: The best equipments with the most updated technology in tumor detections and accuracy in diagnosis. Coronary angiography: Now arteries tests don’t have any necessity at all of being invasive and dangerous, our machinery is conceived to look deep inside without actually being inside.
  • Laser ORL: is one of the safest technologies in surgeries and grants a faster recovery.
  • Breast reconstruction: a quick reconstruction of the breast after a partial or a complete removal of it; that makes sure a faster recovery of it, and with the post-surgical treatment and care, it won’t have a bad look at all.
  • Medical travel assurance for emergencies: working hand-in-hand with the Europ assistance, it cover an amount of 10.000 € per person, prevention, planning programs, maternity, qualified pediatrics, Psychology treatments, Aesthetic solutions, etc.
  • Your payments are always protected: if the policyholder becomes somehow incapacitated , HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN assures you a premium cover for up to 6 months.


  • 30% discount when you contract our services, and without family members inclusion limits. Tax aid for up to 500 € per person yearly.
  • The incapacity policy is granted by the Genworth Financial Insurance, a company of insurance and reinsurance.
  • The pharmacy cover guarantees the refund of your medicines and HEALTHINSURANCE’S doctors prescribed recipes. This benefit applies also to your spouse and children.
  • The temporary incapacity cover allows you to receive when you are suspended from work due to an illness a support payment that has two option to choose: 25 € daily, with a premium monthly additional of 15 € or 65 € daily with a premium monthly additional of 35 €. You can also take an extra dental cover, with access to a lot of dental procedures included.


Your company is special for you; your healthcare is special for us.

  • This plan covers you in several circumstances, such as: medicines, the loss of your job, dental plan and through the refund scheme only cover pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics. This plan is flexible to adjust to your company’s needs.
  • More than 27.000 qualified doctors and more than 500 medical centers ready for any emergency and with all the treatments, therapies, and procedures included.
  • The best technology for diagnoses and medical procedures, with a cozy intimate accommodation in a single room with space only for a companion.
  • Cover in the USA through the United Health Care.
  • Family planning, psychology, 24-hours respond, phone service and emergency, laser eye surgery, etc.
  • Discount of 40% for premiums individually contracted.
  • Spouse and children included.
  • An assigned personal to care of the policy’s administration.
  • After the first year using this service, the cost of the policy will be increased only because of the IPC. Protection provided to the policyholder in the case of incapacity of the loss of his job.
  • You get to pick who your doctor in the HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN will be.
  • If the policyholder is the business itself, these options could be included in the basic cover. In this way we take care of your whole company too.