This plan offers you an ample variety of products thought to make your life standards the best and also looks to maintain the retention and motivation of the people hired by you. It isn’t only something beneficial for employees but also for the company itself.

HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN is perfectly adaptable to what your company needs. Our Corporate Health Report gives the best solutions for your company, by the detailed information of each employee’s health condition, so you get a personal customized service.

The access to the “selected corporative service for major companies” gives you the confidence of having your policies and referrals’ managements carried only by our experts with a messenger service and counseling whenever is needed. Besides, you can still check on your status online in a fast, effective way.


With the BUPA Group, if you held a contract with them for at least a year, you can transfer it with all of its terms and full benefits to HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN without making any kind of elimination.


What kind of paperwork do you need for the transfer?
– An international transfer form given by BUPA UK filled by them with everything about your current policy will be needed.

Is it necessary to go to a Doctor before getting the BUPA transfer done?
-No, you just need a medical history of any former medical conditions.

Will it take too much to have my insurance benefits back?
No, if the process goes on in a proper way and without inconvenient, in less than 15 days you’ll be covered again, now by us.

If I already have things eliminated from my current policy, what happens in the transfer process?
They’ll be carried over to your new policy.

Is it possible to include additional people in my transfer?
No, they have to be already in the BUPA policy to be transferred under the same conditions; otherwise they’ll be registered under new policies, separated.

If I’m in an ongoing treatment with BUPA, will it be canceled?
No, it can continue with no problems.

If I’m pregnant, the transfer will cover it?
If the BUPA service you contracted had already the pregnancy plan included, then yes.

If my BUPA membership got to its expiration date, can I still make the transfer?
No, unless yo get up-to-date with the payment of your premiums and you have no breaks with your insurance cover, you cannot make the transfer.

Can I get my new documents in the UK If I haven’t leaved from there?
It is possible, but to become a HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN member, your policy must be related to an address in Spain.

And that’s all?
Yes, when you apply, we get the information we need to make the transfer, so you don’t need to do anything else.

If I get back to the UK, can I be back as well to BUPA?
Yes, the process and policy terms are the same. You get in touch with BUPA international or BUPA UK and the rearrangements will be started right away.