Carefully conceived for people that emigrated to Spain and now live there almost the entire year or at least a part of it, this fitted health plan gives cover not only in Spain but also another European country of your preference conferring you the guarantee that of an incomparable health insurance the entire year.

This plan gives you the same full cover as the Classic at the same time as you make use of our Doctor and Hospital’s system without paying anything else for it. So, you get 500.000 € to use out of Spain and the chosen 2nd country, turning it into a policy of reimbursement of nearly 90%.

Beside of being limitless on the extent previously set, the policy includes as well 10.000 € of a Travel Insurance around the World through Europ Assistance. All of this for a monthly amount of 71.73 €:

  • Personalized bilingual assistance.
  • Refund of medical expenses.

Everything about your health is our main concern.

  • With HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN you get in contact with our Cilinics and Hospital’s organization.
  • More than 27.000 doctors and also more than 500 medical centers HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN for you to select. As long as you use their network, they’ll take care of the medical bills. Outside this network you get a refund of 90%.
  • With previous authorization of HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN, if you’re having an emergency in USA you’re able to use the United Health Care with costs covered until 100%.

  • Bilingual Service.
  • We provide you a helpline both in English and Spanish as well as the legal documents needed and a guide with the languages spoken by or specialists enlisted.
  • Enjoy your trip
  • You have a 10.000 € cover in medical assistance when traveling per person.
  • Prevention and Medicine: hand-in-hand
  • For serious illnesses like cancer and for preventing heart attacks.
  • Getting ready for parenthood.
  • Pre-birth counseling and schooling for parents-to-be, specially the mom.
  • No surprises.
  • There are no extra payments to be added to your premium plan.
  • Flexibility
  • Two options for you: either the HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN network or medical specialists of the refund’s plan.