It covers:

Primary care

– Preventive medicine – General medicine – Child care – Clinical analyses, biological check-ups. – Medical assistance – X-rays.

Certified Doctors for any Speciality

– Medical care from beginning to end, even after surgery – A variety of medical diagnoses – CT scanner, ECG – Allergy and functional tests, Ultrasound – Rehab, chemotherapy, and more

Foreign cover when an emergency strikes

– Overseas’s travel assistance: Working ahead with Europ Assistance, up to 10.000 € maximum per person. – Multilingual network and Customer support (Spanish, English and German) – General and private conditions of your policy’s legal paperwork both in English and Spanish

Dental Plans

– Basic: It includes several check-ups and procedures like: removal of cysts, fluoridisation, X-rays, yearly teeth cleaning and extractions. – For 10,40 € you can get a bonus in your dental cover that includes deeper treatments with 40-50% discounts with the medical centers affiliated to us.


This is an extra payment that you make for each visit or treatment received so our premiums remain with lower fees as possible. The prices, according to what’s necessary in the moment, are: – Home, Hospital emergencies: 24 €. – 24 hours HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN: 1 € – Nursing, physiotherapy and rehab: 7.80 € – Other services: 12 € The top age to get a contract with the insurance company is 74. When you’re 75, HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN accepts you with a previous satisfying medical report provided and your expressed consentient on a surcharge.


It covers some tests and medical procedures like: Vital emergencies: is immediate High-Tech diagnosis tests: 6 months Psychology: 6 months too.