What is the minimum lasting time of a contract?
The minimum is 12 months. In the case that you have no intentions of renewing it with us, we advise you to notify it to us 2 months before the renewal date.

What would happen if I return to the UK?
In this case, it is necessary for you to terminate the policy. Based on the extend of your subscription with us, it might be possible for you to pass it to BUPA UK and BUPA international.

Is there any limit of age set?
Our new policies establish that you can acquire our services up to 75 years old for PLUS Health. Nevertheless, this can change in other policies, so we encourage you to give us a call for more information.

Each time I visit the doctor means each time that I have to pay por it?
Only if you are using policies that include co-payments. For example, Plus Health Plan can be contracted with or without co-payment forms. Look at our brochure for more specifications.

Do I have Hospitals and Medical centres nearby me?
You can check that information out by visiting this site: HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN Medical Register.

Are medicines and Vaccines covered in a policy?
Medicines are covered in the case of a Hospitalization. Vaccines are on each person’s account.

Can I get a medical of my preference from the policy?
Sure, the purpose of the insurance is to provide you as much control as possible over your health. So, if it is what you want, you can get it.

Does the policy cover a mammogram?
Of course, without any age limitation. Although there is a period of waiting for new holders of 4 months.

How much is the length of the waiting periods?
For outpatients visits and sudden emergencies, there is no waiting period. For medical services that can be programmed, these are the times set for the waiting periods (for new holders):
  • Active Plan: 4 Months
  • Sterilisation or Vasectomy: 6 Months
  • Psychological treatment: 6 Months
  • Hospitalization including labour: 8 Months
  • Hospitalization with Surgery: 8 Months
  • Bariatric Surgery: 6 Months.

The mentioned before don’t apply for premature childbirth, accidents stated in the policy or big diseases detected after the activation of the policy.

How do I subscribe as a member of HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN?
When you agree with the price of the plan you want you just have to fill our form here.

What options of payment for my insurance do I have?
Through a Spanish bank account, you can pay whether by debit directly or with an annual payment using a Visa credit card.

If I sign for a policy of reimbursement, how do I claim the money I had to spend?
We’ll need you to please complete the form (that is included in your policy pack) with a copy of the statement. If it is about a visit to the doctor, a therapy or a Hospitalization, it is necessary for you to include a medical / pathological report from the Doctor. If it is due to prescribed medication, then fill this information in the right application form and then send it to us with the prescription.
By post, you can send these documents to:
Or, you can directly come to our HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN office where you will be assisted in the following address:
  • How is it possible for me to know before I get to use my policy of reimbursement how much I will be paying for a service that I need and how much will the HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN policy will pay me back based on that?

That will be explained and reflected by your specialist in a very detailed medical report. We will ask you to please add it together along with the cost of the treatment and send it to the following address at least seven business working days before you get this needed treatment:
You can also come to HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN’s office to get the proper help in order to authorize the treatment yoy will use. It is located in

How can I get what is stated in the terms and conditions of the policy I own?
They are included in your policy pack. In the case that you don’t have them, please tell us so we can arrange its delivery to you.

What would happen if I need medical assistance while being in U.S.A. through the United Health Care?
We will ask you to please send a medical report to us two weeks before you get the treatment you need in order to proceed. Ask us for the form you need to comply.
REMINDER: The United Health Care’s services are rendered by HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN in its benefit. The costs from these will be 100% in the agreed limits of the insured capital as specified in the private conditions of each personal reimbursement policy.

Can HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN cover me in any Spanish Social security Hospital too?
Yes, but under some conditions, such as that you were admitted there in the strict case of an emergency, and also that this happens and the insurance is told about the situation within the firsts 3 days of the admission so they are able to establish your bill and get you to a private hospital if your circumstances allow it.

If I need to use my policy and the documents hasn’t arrived yet, what would happen?
Please, call this number: _____________________________ or send an email to: _________________________ and we will confirm your affiliation with us. At the moment you enter into a hospital or clinic you just have to show the confirmation document sent to you at the reception and that’s it, we take care of the rest.

I understand that my policy has a waiting period of 8 months in the case of a pregnancy… but what if I am already pregnant?
If you have already signed the policy and you become pregnant, the scans, treatment and childbirth will be covered, If you sign the policy after becoming pregnant, from day one after signing it you’ll be covered in everything but the childbirth, although there are a childbirth supplement provided by HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN if it’s the case. Give us a call and we’ll be glad in giving you more details about it.

If a life’s threatening situation occurs in which you have to be hospitalized, the insurance will cover you right away. When your baby is born, you have to get a policy for him/her so he/she can be covered. As long as you live in Spain, this won’t affect your policy with HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN.

We’d like to increase our family by assisted reproduction, is there anything you can do for us?
If you are already an affiliated member of HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN, you can request this treatment with a discount. Feel free to do so if you need it.

HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN Dental… What is it about?
Our Dental plans cover basic check-up’s in which extractions, prevention of mouth diseases, treatments with fluor, dental cleanings, x-rays and examinations are covered. You get to find this in our HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN network. There is an extra dental supplement that you can take for just a low monthly premium amount. You can also get the benefit of a 40% discount for any services performed by our network’s associates. The plus 90 and Premium 500 plans offer dental cover using the reimbursement system as well. You can have this policy or get an 11% discount in the price of the treatment If you’re already a HEALTHINSURANCESPAIN holder.

We’re here to help you. If you have other questions, please do not hesitate in contacting us through our contact numbers: